why I write

I’m Shannon.

I’m an early 30-something making my way back to church.

Grand-daughter of a minister, niece and cousin of ministers, a once-upon-a-time minister’s wife…

I have been to the darkness, have seen the under-side, and lived to tell.

Our darkness, our under-side…

because as a friend once said “there is no other church than the foolish one we are together.”

Once, even twice, I walked away from church. I had my reasons and maybe they on some level made sense. But for three years my story has been about finding my way back, even when I didn’t want to find it. Maybe, it was finding my way to my soul-poverty, to see for the first time what I really believed.

I’m here to repent, to confess, to tell my story, to wrestle the ache and disorientation of coming back to church, and to actually come back; to week by week, go and be church.

This is the story of that journey back to church (and therefore back to my Father).